Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Okay, so life is a little strange here right now.  My teen son left yesterday for a week-long internship at a vet clinic in Indiana.  He is very interested in being a vet and this will be a good way for him to observe what "being a vet" is all about and to see if this is what he would like to pursue.  I am glad that he has this opportunity but, to be honest, I miss him.  This is his first time being away from home, for this long, by himself.   I just keep reminding myself that all baby birds need to spread their wings and fly.  That is how they learn and grow.  


So, why do I feel the tug on my heart?  It's probably because he is my youngest and I don't have any other children behind him.  He is growing up and wanting to move beyond the safety of the "nest" and that is perfectly natural and normal.  I was his age once, and I well remember what it was like.  That's probably the hardest part, because I know the ups and downs that he will face, as a young adult, and I want to protect him from all of that.  But, I cannot, because he cannot finish growing up without some bumps and bruises along the way.  

With that being said, I might not be able to always be with him, but I can sure pray for him.  And, I do.  Every day.  And, this week, it'll probably be more like every hour.  I'm reminded of this quote by Stormie Omatian that is in the book, "The Power of a Praying Parent,"

Praying for our children doesn't mean that nothing will ever go wrong in their lives. But when it does, we don't have to beat ourselves up for not being perfect parents. Besides, it's not being a perfect parent that makes the difference in a child's life, for there are no perfect parents. It's being a praying parent that makes a big difference. And that's something we can all be."

My children are gonna grow up and I'll be right there, every step of the way, in prayer!  :)



  1. I pray for my kids every day too... Especially my boy... First one out of the nest is just as hard as the last.
    Your son is going to have a blast! Oh! And ISU has an awesome vet school!!! Enroll him there and I'll take you out to lunch!

  2. Oooh....we'll have to look into that! :)

  3. Oh, it sounds like a GREAT opportunity for him!! It's hard to let go, but when you see how much they are doing and what good it is for them, it makes it easier to let go. Hang in there, pally. We'll all survive this kid/adult thing.