Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It is officially hot here in smalltown.  The temp. is already 93 degrees and the heat index is 107 degrees.  I am tempted to take an egg outside, crack it on the sidewalk, and see if it really IS hot enough to fry it.  But, I'm just not that ambitious.  So, I'll just surmise that perhaps it could work.  If any of you feel inclined to try out the theory, feel free!  Let me know the results!!  LOL  ;)

Anyway, even though we have a/c in our house, I really don't like to heat up the stove to cook.  So, this is going to be my supper menu for today and possibly tomorrow:

Cold Sandwiches
Dilly Potato Salad or lettuce salads
Deviled eggs
Apple Slices
Ice Cream/Sherbet for dessert

What is your Hot Weather menu looking like??

I forgot to mention:  I am having a cookbook giveaway over at the other blog: My Money Mission Online.  Go over and check it out!!!  


  1. I don't really cook that much differently in the summer. If I need to have the oven on, I try to bake or roast enough for the week so I don't have to have it on every day. We grill just a little bit more in the summer. Otherwise, we eat most of the same things we do in the winter. For example, I can eat chili or drink iced tea all year long.

  2. That sounds good! For my hot weather menu...
    I could stay in my cool office and make the kids make spaghetti...

  3. I know what you mean, Annie Jones....I made chili the other night. But, there is something about 115 heat index that just makes me want to eat ice cream and do nothing. LOL ;)

    Val, Spaghetti!!! YUMMERS!!!!

  4. We had pancakes and sausage last night and hot wings and meatball sandwiches tonight. I am craving a snowcone

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