Sunday, November 1, 2009


This is from the Dave Ramsey Website:

"Dave Ramsey's Envelope System"

"On a budget? Still over-spending? Trying to figure out the best way to organize your finances and spend wisely?

Get on a Simple System

I found out that Grandma's way to handle money still works. People used to always use cash envelopes to control their monthly spending, but very few do in today's card swiping culture. The envelope system is a key component of the Total Money Makeover Plan because it works."

Have any of you tried the Envelope Method of budgeting? Have you had success with it? I am always looking for ways to improve my budget, and this type of budgeting makes alot of sense!



  1. Yeah, I stick all my money into envelopes and mail it to the bill center! LOL! Just kidding. I think using cash for everything is still the best way to keep track of spending. We use debit cards, but I keep a daily track of spending and budget. Okay, I keep blowing it lately, but it should work in theory.

  2. I totally can relate; I am going to try harder this month to not overspend. The good news is that I paid another $150 towards our debt and added another $300 to the savings. YAY!

    I could put more to the debt, but I really need some more $$ in our short-term emergency fund. That will help us stay out of debt in the long run (I hope!) :)

  3. I will be honest, I haven't gotten this down yet, but my mom has used this method for many many years. Everything we have is directly deposited, and unfortunately immediately spent on bills. It is a goal, though!

  4. Hi Frugal Vicki! Thank you for joining in! My Mom used the envelope method, also, and she was very good at it. I can't figure out why I can't be as good as her! Whatever we bring in a month goes right to bills also, and there just never quite seems to be enough!

  5. I do it. I don't really use an envelope but I don't buy anything until the money is there to pay for it. It works. I promise:)

  6. the envelope system does really make sense! i usually use debit card for our groceries but we still have a hard time not overspending..yeah because it's still a card that you can just swipe anytime! :) that's why i believe the envelope method would work...i would really like to try that! :)

    take care A. Marie! thanks a lot for the visits and the comments! appreciate them :)

  7. I remember reading about this method way back when. I bet it works really well, IF you are disciplined and stick to it. That is where I might have some trouble. I am guilty of not using a budget either. Let's say I am financially challenged. LOL.

    Thanks for commenting at my site. I am now a new follower of your blog. Look forward to reading more.

  8. Hi there Debbie, blessedmom, and Midday Escapades!

    Debbie, your idea sounds a lot like my mom's; if there is no cash, there is no spending!

    I totally agree with you, blessedmom: a debit card is still a card. I find that when hubs has his card on him, he still spends more than if he just had cash. That is why I insist that he treat it more like a credit card, and use it sparingly! :)

    I love new followers, Midday Escapades: Welcome! I am going to blog about easy-to-use budgets soon, so hopefully you'll find the info helpful. I know that I am always searching for a better way to budget!

  9. I am trying hard to spend cash, but it is tough.
    I have paid off a lot of small bills by listening to Ramsey, great post

  10. Hi Kim!! I was just thinking about you! I absolutely love Dave Ramsey; That is my goal; to get some of the small bills out of the way, so I can free up some extra $$ for savings!