Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We have done what we thought was right when it comes to breast health. First they told us to do a BSE (breast self examination) and even gave us handy-dandy how-to cards when we went for our yearly examinations. Some doctor offices even had posters hanging in their examination rooms to further self-educate us.

Then, as we neared the age of 40, the doctor would remind us that since we are now approaching that "magical" age, we need to start having mammograms. "UGH," we responded, with dread in our voices, because, after all, who hasn't heard the horror stories of this procedure! But, again, we pushed past our fears and bravely went ahead and had the mammogram. And, the following year, we'd have another one. And, so on and so on. Because, this is what the medical "professionals" said that we needed to do.

So, now that we have gotten this down pat:
  • 1. Do the BSE regularly, and
  • 2. Have a yearly mammogram after the age of 4-0,,

some moronic Task Force has decided that they are more interested in saving money than in saving lives. This decision literally makes my skin crawl, for lack of a better word (I borrowed that phrase from the author of this article: While I don't support her position on the government's decision, I recognize that everyone has a right to their own opinion.

My opinion is that this is absolutely ridiculous, and if my cousin had followed this new "over 50" guideline, she would be DEAD. At the age of around 42, she was found to have not ONE, but TWO types of breast cancer. She had quite the battle for her life, and so far, she is doing okay. But, only after having chemo, radiation and a double Mastectomy. Saving her life was worth it to our family but obviously not to the government.

God Help Us All and Save Us from Our Government!

Opinions Anyone?? I love to hear from all of you! Even if we have differing opinions on this subject, I still welcome all comments!


  1. I can see this as being a valid decision, IF...(and that's a big, bold IF) applies only to women who have NO known risk factors. Women who have a family history of breast cancer or other risk factors should fall under the previous recommendations. Unfortunately, there probably will be some women who go undiagnosed because insurance companies will use the new guidelines as a way to save money. :(

  2. Hi there Annie Jones!! You are my newest Follower!! I just noticed that! WOO-HOO!! :)

    Thanks for your comment; you make a very good point! I guess my concern is that so many women in their 40s, with confirmed breast cancer, have no known risk factors or family history (like my cousin). Early detection literally saved their lives. Without this yearly procedure, how many women will go on living their lives with a ticking time bomb right inside their breasts and by the time it is finally detected, it'll be too late. (I agree with you on the frowny face!) :(

    Again, WELCOME! I hope you leave many more comments!! :)

  3. This is just the beginning of Obama's new health care plan. I have a feeling it's gonna be run like everything else the gov't touches--HORRIBLE.