Monday, April 2, 2012


Hello there, everyone!! My goodness...I have totally ignored my blogs for too long; I miss all of you and am going to do much better with my posts.  I enjoy writing but, unfortunately, life gets in the way.  Kudos to all of you who manage to blog day after day....You all Rock!!!

I have visited blogs but haven't left many comments.  Too much going on in my little world and I have been a bit discouraged.  Teen son is in his senior year at high school and that has brought quite a bit of challenges.  But, it is now the beginning of April and he has decided where he wants to go to college, where he wants to live next year, college visit has been scheduled and completed, college application completed and accepted, FAFSA filled out and completed, summer classes signed up for and paid, and in two days, he will sign up for his fall sememster classes.  WHEW!  No wonder my little head has been spinning....and, he hasn't even graduated from high school yet!  haha

AND, I FINALLY figured out why I was having so much trouble with my blogs.  It's because I was using Google Chrome and not Internet Explorer!  No kidding!  I used IE today and POOF!!  All of my problems with blogger, Entrecard, etc., have totally disappeared!  UGH!!  Can you believe it?  I have struggled for weeks with this and the problem was just a teeny bitty one. 
So, fill me in on what is going on with all of you in your little worlds!  In my small corner of the world today, it is windy, sunny, and about 60 degrees right now.  I am going to make myself a pot of coffee and tackle the mountain of bills on my desk.  Then, I am going to attempt to get the floors swept.  Wish me luck on that!!  LOL!!!  ;)

Until next time,



  1. Wow! Floor swept??! You're more ambitious than me today!!

  2. Senior year is tough! So much to do, so many things happening and oh...the money is flying out the window! Such an exciting time, but it also filled with so much emotion. Hold on tight for the summer! It's a crazy one before they start college.