Friday, November 25, 2011


So, I posted this morning about our Organic Acres fiasco and how I sent an email to Moolala requesting my money back.  I expected to hear back from them next week.  That is the usual time it takes, it seems, for a company to respond to a complaint.

Not Moolala, however!!

I emailed them around 8:00ish this morning, and at 8:30 am I received an automated reply that said I would get a personal response within two days.  At 11:00 am this morning, I received this email:

I'm so sorry you have had this experience with one of our merchants. This is certainly not what we want for our members!

Organic Acres have had several issues over the summer and fall and we had hoped they would be able to resolve their issues, but it now seems unlikely that they will be able to fulfill the rest of our members' orders. I know this was a great deal and it’s disappointing that it’s fallen through.

Because this transaction is more than 90 days old our payment processor is unable to refund to your credit card. We can send you a refund check or you can use the funds to buy another voucher.

I've refunded $19.00 to your Moolala Rewards Account 

To request a check all you need to do is login to your account and fill out this form (you can use the link below to go directly to the right page) and you'll receive a check within 10-14 days.

Or, you can use these funds to purchase deals you'll receive an additional 5% bonus instead of the normal 2%.

Again, I'm sorry it turned out this way. If there is anything else I can do for you just reply to this email and let me know.



for the Moolala Member Experience Team

How's that for Customer Satisfaction?! I clicked the link that was provided, and YES! The money is back in our Moolala acount!  Hubby and I are very, very happy to have our money back (okay, I know it was only $19.00, but around here, that's a lot of dough)!!  

I am extremely happy and very grateful to Moolala, and after this experience, I won't hesitate to recommend their deal site to anyone!!  Like I said in the blog title, 

"Moolala Rocks!"  


  1. I love a happy ending! Just came over to see what you are up too!

  2. Interesting,

    As one who uses any of these Groupon, SocialLiving or Moolala deals, it is still up to vender to provide refunds through these coupon offer deals, so I am glad to hear you got your refund, but you forgot to thank venders who refunded money to Moolala.

    I went through the same issues with Groupon offer, never recieved item ordered, and after four months of dealing with making vender complaints, I went after Groupon and blasted them for not handling all these complaints sooner. Finally after threatening to go to FTC and AG, they refunded me.

    Simply put, these deals are all the rage now given everyone is looking for a bargain or great deals, but overall, you have to be careful for many of these deals are oversold and then not delivered, and it takes a lot of time to get refunds, which is tough for those who made larger purchases, so beware of this before you order.

    I research all the too good to be true offers on the internet, and most are more hassle than they are worth. As one who identifies the best which can be safely used for non profit fundraising, few I have found qualify in the end, but there are a few great deals out there, you just have to be careful.

  3. Well, since I publicly thanked Moolala, I didn't feel it necessary to thank the vendor. The vendor is the one, after all, who ignored my request for answers and, instead, chose to keep stringing me along for quite a number of months. I will thank a vendor when a Thank You is due to them. But, it is not due in this case. Whatever issues arose between Moolala and the vendor, I was not privy to.

    All I know is I paid money for a service that I never received. The original company that I purchased the voucher through was Moolala. I then redeemed that voucher through Organic Acres. Organic Acres dropped the ball.

  4. I have just contacted Moolala as I had ordered the voucher last spring and had waited until now to try to redeem it. Anyhow, the link for redemption on Moolala's site was not a working I Googled to see what I might have been doing wrong.

    Long and short story, my search results turned up many stories like yours, both in the fact that folks didn't get what they had ordered AND wonderful customer service responses from Moolala. In other words, in no time, my search results told me exactly what had gone on and exactly what to do next.

    While I haven't been contacted yet by Moolala (I literally JUST sent in my query), thanks to their obvious prompt and courteous response to so many people, it was well documented in my search results that I have nothing to worry about. (Thus how I found YOUR blog).

    To me, THAT is a great thing. I don't need to be all ticked off and amped up about this situation that I'm just now discovering. I literally spent about 2 minutes confused. 2 minutes irritated and after 30 seconds of searching...all was relieved. No wasted time or energy lamenting and plotting 'what to do next'.

    So kudos to Moolala and kudos to YOU and others like you. Your posting helps those of us who were in the dark about the situation, and as I said, allowed me to NOT be in a tizzy over this for any length of time. Bravo and THANKS!

  5. Lauren, Thank you for taking the time to let me know of your experience, and I am so very glad that I was able to help you. :)