Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The summer has just flown by and September is now here.  Where has the time gone?  It has been a very rough summer for us.  Hubby was laid off in late June and that sent panic throughout my entire brain.  I felt like that robot on the old television show, Lost in Space, that goes running around in circles yelling, "DangerWill Robinson!"   That's what I wanted to do....go around with my budget book yelling, "Danger! No Money!"
Danger Will Robinson
Hubby eventually went back to work in August, but after about 4 weeks, he has been laid off again.  Hopefully it will only be for about 2 weeks, but, still....2 weeks.  On unemployment pay.  I am most definitely having to re-learn how to make a dime go where a dollar should.  This is making for a major brain strain.

I have gotten lax in the past few years and have strayed away from the budget system that I really like:  The Envelope Budgeting system.  I'm not hawking anyone's particular product, but when it comes to budgeting, Dave Ramsey's envelope system is the absolute easiest and best system out there.  I am going to implement that system again and hopefully, if I am able to stick with it, I will have positive results. 
What system do you use to budget your money??


  1. Still sending happy thoughts and a prayer your way.
    I use an odd way of billing but it works for me. I have the budget set for every Friday. You know, break down the house payment by 4 and whichever bill needs to be paid. And then whatever is left I take and hide in the back of the checkbook. So when I am done with the bills we have $.01 left. Out of site, out of mind sort of thing. I just keep a tally in the back of the checkbook, sort of like an easy to get to savings account.

  2. Hey there! That is a really good idea!! :)

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