Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Okay, so I haven't much felt like laughing lately, but when I opened  the mail and read the following from Discover, I had a good chuckle.

The letter stated that I could get back a $500 CASHBACK BONUS (it was all caps in the letter, also) if I spend $3,000 or more each calendar month, on my Discover card, from June 2011 to October 2011.  Then, in order to make it oh-so-easy for my little brain to figure out, they also included a handy dandy chart on how I could accomplish this monthly. 

Read this:
Monthly Purchases    
  1. Groceries/Drug Store  $600.00
  2. Gas  $300.00 (okay, I didn't laugh at this one!)
  3. Restaurant/Entertainment  $500.00 (I really laughed at this one!)
  4. Cable/Cell/Phone/Internet $300.00
  5. Department/Retail Stores  $600.00
  6. Miscellaneous  $700.00

I'm supposing that the "miscellaneous" category is for that not-so-fun "stuff" like the mortgage, car payment, insurance....you know, the ones that should be in the category called "boring but essential!"  

Goodness Sakes...No wonder people are going broke nowadays if they really buy into this load of baloney from the credit card companies.  I don't spend $600.00 per year on Department/Retail Stores, let alone one month!

I  know, I know....credit cards can be helpful if they are used the right way.  I totally get that....in fact, I  use credit cards, but very sparingly....and I pay off the balance every month.  There is a right way and a wrong way to use credit...this would be one of those wrong ways.  Because, in order to get that coveted $500 CASHBACK BONUS (I can't resist capitalizing it!), you have to spend a boat-load of cash to get it.  And, that boatload of cash is going towards a lot of non-essentials, in my book. 

But, that's just my opinion.  And, like I said before, Thanks for the laugh, Discover Card!  I needed that!!  ;)

Any thoughts on this?  Come on, don't be shy!!   



  1. My thoughts to utilize this to one's benefit would be to use the Discover card to pay things for which you have the cash to pay, anyway, and then immediately pay the bill. Hehe...then they would not get any finance charges from you and still have to cough up the $500 in the end.

    Of course, I am not that organized. 8^P

  2. I would have laughed too! They are just soooo darn helpful, aren't they?

  3. Dawnmarie, believe me, I thought the same thing.... ;)

    SonyaAnn, I just LOVE how helpful they are!!! LOL

  4. Oh my... and people wonder why some get into such deep financial messes...

  5. Spend all that just to get 500? How about just not eating out, not spending on misc. And saving 1200? Oh brother. People need to wake up!

    Yeah well at least it was to you and not your kid or dog.

  6. Gah! $500 for resturants.....what planet are these people from???? $600 for department stores..... What a racket!!!!

    Thanks for sharing this laugh --- I'm glad we don't have credit cards!

  7. Or you can simply buy gift certificates for the things you buy ANYWAY. groceries etc.
    It actually is a great deal for business travellers who are reimbursed etc.
    I've collected $500 x2 on two discover cards + the cash I get anyway and simply pay the bill off monthly.
    1500+ in free cash for stuff I buy and need and/or reimbursed anyway for.

  8. Anon, I get what you are saying, but if you collected $500x2 on two discover cards, that is only $1000 in free cash, right? So, in order to get the other $500, you got cashback bonuses on the other 2 cards that equaled $500. That makes sense. So, you had $6000 total on your 2 Discover cards, in six months, paid them off, and pocketed the extra cash. Impressive!