Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hellloooo!!!!  After yesterday's "Blank Mind" syndrome, I am back in action today!  My little mind just needed some R&R, or, more specifically, FA&S (fresh air and sunshine!)  LOL

It was just absolutely GLORIOUS outside yesterday.  The sky was blue and the air smelled wonderful.  I hung out a load of laundry and then decided to pick up sticks.  That led to bagging up some leaves and then pulling a few weeds.  I was out there only about an hour or so, but it really did wonders to "unclog the ol' drain" in my mind!  And, it's a good thing I had yesterday, because today it is THIRTY DEGREES here....yeppers, 3-0 degrees.....where did THAT come from??  UGH!!!

"Yesterday, All my troubles seem so far I long for Yesterday!"    :) for today....

I was reading a great article at Life Inc this morning and the catchy title said, "Uncle Sam Wants You (to come get free tax help).  Catchy, No??!!  I was half expecting to see this:

But, No Such Luck......drats......I think that would have really made the article!!  ;)

Anyway, the article went on to say this, "If you're overwhelmed by your federal taxes this year, the friendly folks at the IRS are offering their help this Saturday.

Nearly 100 IRS offices across the country will be open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. to aid frustrated taxpayers. IRS personnel will be available to assist with tax return preparation, answer account questions and help with a variety of other issues."

The article further states: "To locate an IRS office that is open Saturday, click here"

To read the entire article, be sure and visit

If I didn't have my handy-dandy-just-in-the-town-down-the-road Tax Preparer, I would probably be one of those frustrated taxpayers that needed some help.  If that is you, and there is an IRS office close by, maybe you should just bop on over there and take advantage of their assistance!

Since Old Man Winter has decided not to take a vacation yet, I am most likely going to stay inside and do some more bookwork.  I really do wish that the "Old Man" would just go to a sunnier climate, say, Bermuda......maybe that would help with his grouchy disposition today!   LOL



  1. Do you need to take a vacation to a warmer climate? I have a couch down here in South Mississippi! We've been wearing shorts and flip flops for about two weeks now!

    Your right, the photo of Uncle Sam would have made the article!

  2. Oh yeah....I soooo need a vacay to a warmer climate! Is there room on that couch for me, hubs, 2 teens, 2 dogs and 3 of which is old and crippled??!! LOL ;)

  3. TurboTax works for us every year. Don't kknow that I'd trust the IRS to be impartial

  4. revjen, If I didn't have my trusty tax preparer, I'd totally use TurboTax. My Dad used to work for the IRS part-time, during the tax season, and I can tell you I'd trust them for tax help. I wouldn't trust them to totally prepare and file my return, but for general tax questions, I would. :)

  5. LOL...revjen, I was thinking the same thing.

  6. Ahhhh.....we use TurboTax too :-)