Monday, September 20, 2010


When I was blog browsing/hopping this morning, I came across a fabulous article by Little People Wealth listing eight secret ways to save money. Since I love to save money, of course I read the entire article! Check it out for yourself!

What are your secret ways that you save money?
Come on, tell us....we promise not to tell anyone else!!
I mean, what are friends for?? LOL



  1. I make my own coffee, grow my own food, can and preserve, pump water out of the basement and save it to flush toilets, shop thrift stores, forage for wild foods (berry picking),catch fish, use coupons, get freebies online, pay cash for everything, no credit fees or interest for me, cook from scratch, do my own painting and home repairs and watch free programs online instead of paying for cable or renting movies. Hope I didn't leave anything out! LOL

  2. Forgot a few things...I buy produce in bulk in season and fill the freezer,I buy Larger, cheaper packs of meat and divide them up for the freezer, make my own condiments, catsup and mayo are easy, also make my own sauces which can be expensive to buy. I also know how to make wine and vinegar. My goal is to be as self sufficient as possible and that ends up saving amazing amounts of money. I don't waste money on knick knacks (dust catchers).
    I shop online clearance sections at JCPenneys and Sears, then apply promo codes and free shipping codes for all our clothes, Just got a bunch of nice Polo's for 2.99 shipped to the house.

  3. I'm sorry Kathy but the image that came to mind while reading all you do makes me laugh. and smile. You go girl.
    I don't pay for water and don't have water in my basement so that equals out. I grow my own food and we purchase meat in bulk (whole animal) from our neighbor. We don't have cable or a landline. We have all electrical items on surge protectors and shut em off when not in use. Home and auto repairs are done by hubby. Don't eat mayo but figure I can splurge the buck on catsup. Wine, ummm sounds yummy. Vinegar, nasty. I shop thrift stores and get my plants and flowers thru friends and neighbors. BTW I still have iris to give away. I use credit cards that pay me back (upromise) and ALWAYS pay the balance every month. I earn about 500 bucks a year doing this. No pets in our house, too costly especially when you have kids to clothe and feed. We can watch animals anytime by stepping outside. (darn skunks). I know my efforts pale in comparison to others but I'm happy with what we do.

  4. Kathy, let me tell you are a total inspiration!! I don't know about the pumping water out of the basement/toliet thing...the only water we have comes from our dehumidifier and I like to save that to water the flowers. I never buy fruit to can or freeze...I try to get it from people who have an over-abundance and are wanting to give away some. I do make my own pancake syrup and granola bars (when I have all of the ingredients). I try to never waste any food and limit my trips to the store.

    I will have to say that I do have pets that I feed. They are an extra expense but I do love my "babies!" :)

  5. Anna, I like your idea of putting all of the electricial items on surge protectors. Now THAT is an idea I need to implement in my house! :)