Saturday, December 5, 2009


I have been working and re-working my budget, as I'm sure a lot of you have, and I am definitely having challenges in getting my dimes to stretch into dollars (I really wanted that name for this blog, but it is already taken...drats!)

Anyway, I was looking through the internet for some budgeting tips for tough economic times, and you won't believe the "advice" that I am finding. Here are some examples:
  • Start by cutting the fat from your budget. Do you really need the maid service (MAID SERVICE??) or the lawn care people (LAWN CARE PEOPLE?). By eliminating these, you will save approximately $80/week. And, just think (advises the article) of the extra exercise that you will benefit by doing these chores yourself.
Ummm..yeah, okay, I'll take THAT advice to heart.
  • If both of you are working, only use the husband's income, not the wife's, because when the children come, she'll stay at home, and you won't have her income anyway.
I'm trying not to be sarcastic here, but I think this author is stuck in the 1950s. Last I knew, "Leave It To Beaver" was NOT the hottest show running on television, and 2 incomes are now the norm...not because the wife WANTS to work, but because she HAS to.

And, Finally, (I thought of you, Annie Jones, because of your comment on my other blog!) :)

  • Don’t buy clothes in the sales. The clothes may be going out of fashion and you may only wear it a few times. Much better to buy something that you really like and wear it a lot.
WHAT?? HELLOOO author of THAT comment.....we are in a recession here, remember? Most of us can't worry about whether or not the item is "in fashion." Who cares if it's a "sale item?"

Is it just me, or are some people not getting this whole recession thing??

None of my friends have maid service or lawn care service. Most of them are working 2 jobs and barely getting by. They don't live extravagantly nor do they have the "best of the best." They are just doing the best that they can and trying to keep their heads above water.

So, with that in mind, here are MY three real-world budgeting tips:
  1. Stop Keeping Up With The Joneses" (Not you, Annie Jones!) ...They're Broke!

  2. Try and pay cash for most of your purchases. This will really stop that overspending.

  3. Give back to the Lord; this will pay many dividends in the future!
You don't have to agree with them; those are just MY suggestions. I love to hear back from all of you, so go ahead, comment, and give me YOUR Real-World budgeting tips!



  1. Really? Cut the maid service? lol! My favorite tip (because we're not able to sit down and write out where we spend what- the husband doesn't even look) is to sit down with our previous month's bank statement and see where we spent and what on. It's easy to cut out something when you realize exactly how much you spent on it the month before.

  2. I think those are great suggestions. But the ones you found online are nutty!

  3. your budgeting tips are awesome.

  4. I think who ever wrote the tip about cutting the maid and yard guy was living in a dream he or she had the night before. Your tips were very good. In these had times the one thing I try very hard to keep is my Directv. I need to have something fun in live.

  5. Yes, my son said that we were so broke, we had to lay off the maid! lol, really i did have help fortunately while raising the kids, no more money for that...

  6. I like your tips. The ones you found online were hilarious! Don't buy sale items? I shop for sale items when I'm at the Thrift Store! LOL Who cares about what's "in?" I don't have a clue what the current "in" styles are and couldn't care less. If I like it,and the price is right, it's "in" at my house.