Wednesday, September 16, 2009


If you have a Senior in High School (Hi Lin!) your teen has probably already had a "Senior Meeting" at school where a rep comes in and hands out brochures showing all of the wonderful items that they need, in order to have that truly magnificent Senior Year (my words!). Included in this "awesome" brochure are bling tassels (bling! on a tassel?!), various t-shirts and sweatpants that have the "2010" printed on them, tankards (TANKARDS?? ookaaaay....weird...), and other various assorted nonsense, in my humble opinion. It's like I told my daughter....this country is in the middle of a Recession/Depression, and I'm supposed to fork over hundreds of dollars for this stuff? NOT!

So, I did what any frugal-minded, internet-loving person would do....teen daughter and I went online and created our own announcements! Seriously! I know that the announcements won't look like the ones in the brochure, but we don't care. We had so much fun creating these, and it was one of those memory-making moments. :)

Here is the preview of our efforts:

We "splurged" and got folded cards instead of the flat invitations, "jazzed" it up with a neat background, had all of the necessary info printed on the inside, ordered the matching envelopes with our return address printed on them, and the final total was around $25.00! WOO-HOO!! I was doing the happy dance! Am still doing the happy dance!!

After we placed the order, I turned to my teen and said, "Drats! We forgot to order the matching thank you notes!" Oh, well, can't think of everything.....LOL!! :)

Is anyone else feeling the "Senior-itis Pinch?" If so, how are you coping with it?? I love to hear what YOU have to say!


  1. Good for you and your Senior!!

    We only went through one Senior year, as our oldest and youngest felt the need to go live with their "real mom" for their Senior year.

    The middle, however, is a little bargain lover. I bought card stock and made her announcements, and the little name cards that go in them.

    She chose not to go the photography studio route for pictures, except for the yearbook one. Heck, she didn't even want a yearbook. LOL!

    When it came time for graduation, she borrowed a gown from a previous graduate, so only had to buy a collar they wore and her mortarboard and tassle. She had a bunch of sashes, but they were all given by various organizations she was in.

    There are a lot of ways to get through your Senior year without going broke. When I was a Senior, my parents told me what they would pay for and if I wanted extra, I needed to get a job. So I did. And I loved it!

  2. Oh, I also made thank you notes and Hubby made sure she sent them. LOL!

  3. It is awful! Fortunately, my two are even more frugal than me and we really didn't buy anything last year. Just wait until college though. You can't avoid spending like crazy then.

  4. I'm with you on this one, A. Marie! Yikes. Col's senior photos stunk to high hell--the backdrops were so awful, I won't order them. So I lost $25 in a sitting fee to have my kid look like Bullwinkle--I'm not kidding--the swirly backdrop has "antlers" coming out of his head in some of the photos. I'm half tempted to call and ask for my money back.

    Every day there is another reason to hand out cash. But don't forget to save for college too! ARrrggghhhh!